Create Day

Create Day

10 October 2020

Join us on 10th October 2020 for the first Create Day, a new global initiative celebrating the creative process, talented makers and their work.

The team behind London Craft Week are launching the first Create Day on 10th October: a new celebratory event sharing and showcasing twenty-four hours of non-stop human ingenuity, imagination, diversity and skills from around the globe. Create Day stars a line-up of gifted artists-makers-designers and other creators, some famous, others little known, all world-class.

From household names to experts next door, these Creative Heroes will open up their studios, factories, workshops, kitchens, homes, colleges, construction sites and community spaces, giving us a glimpse behind-the-scenes, whether they are based in the middle of the city or on a remote island. The central idea being they reveal how they make something special genuinely so.

Featuring live-streams, demonstrations, tastings, tutorials, tips and tours, Create Day is a concentrated moment in time when makers and their fans can meet, share ideas and be inspired by each other. Our hope is that by featuring some of the world’s greatest talent at work, Create Day will highlight that essential mix of magic and skill that separates great from good. And inspire all sorts of simple life-affirming pleasures, from starting collecting to learning a new skill.

Over 24 hours on 10 October 2020, you will be able to view the digital programme on Our plan is to start in the early hours with content from Asia before moving to the UK, Europe and finally North America. As long as it is safe to do so, those participating will also hope to open their doors during Create Day, so their neighbours get a chance to look around and meet them in person.

The most inspiring makers and their work will be featured in a curated exhibition, held after Create Day.

“Well before Covid-19, we had become somewhat isolated from each other, too busy, too narrow-focus. Yet there has never been more creativity, imagination and talent. Or people who appreciate it. In that sense, despite so much uncertainty, I believe we live in auspicious times.” said Guy Salter, Chairman, London Craft Week. “Hence Create Day: an opportunity once a year to pause, appreciate beauty and applaud the talent in our midst. To reconnect with our own creativity and bring like-minded people together.”


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  • There is no charge to participate in Create Day.
  • The core programme will be digital and you can choose between live streaming content or providing pre-recorded video content.
  • Create Day will present a programme of content across the 24 hours on