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Join us from 2am BST on createday.org for hourly releases of exclusive video content from over 300 makers, creators and designers from around the world, uploaded region by region according to timezone. Don’t miss streaming sessions on our dedicated live stream channel every hour from 10am – 7pm BST.

"Well before Covid-19, we had become somewhat isolated from each other, too busy, too narrow-focus. Yet there has never been more creativity, imagination and talent. Or people who appreciate it. In that sense, despite so much uncertainty, I believe we live in auspicious times."
Guy Salter, Chairman, London Craft Week.

Our Vision

Create Day is an opportunity once a year to pause, appreciate beauty and applaud the talent in our midst. To reconnect with our own creativity and bring like-minded people together. Enjoy twenty-four hours of non-stop human ingenuity and engage with over 300 artists, makers, designers and creators in real time across the globe.

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