East Asia

East Asia

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In Japan, craftsmanship is part of the fabric of everyday life. The country’s ancient artisanal traditions can be traced in the wooden machiya houses of Kyoto, the delicate ceramics used in tea ceremonies and the family-run sake breweries stretching back generations.

From urushi lacquerware to yūzen dyeing, meet the master Japanese artisans keeping these techniques alive – and those reinventing them too.

In South Korea, Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation presents a video exploration of the development of baji, or pants, throughout over 2000 years of Korean sartorial tradition. Drawn from historical records and artifacts, the video captures the process of traditional tailoring from textile-weaving to the completion of the clothing piece.

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Takeshi Igawa

PIGMENT TOKYO: Rubbing Sumi Ink-Stick

Takeshi Igawa

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

Aya Kondo

Makoto Oki

Akiko Ozutsumi