North America

North America

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In North America, craft can take the form of activism – as seen with Tiny Pricks, a public art project creating a material record of experiences and stories from the pandemic and Trump era, as well as tackling issues of sustainability and women’s rights, while fashion designer Greg Lauren brings a new level of sophistication to upcycling with a tailored jacket made from vintage US military Duffle Bags.

Visit sustainable lighting brand Cerno in Laguna Beach, Orange County, and one of the last few remaining metal foundries in the Rocky Mountains, Idaho, or travel to Central America and be immersed in traditional crafts such as vibrant Zapotec textiles and Obsidian extraction and lapidary in Mexico.


Tiny Pricks Project

Catherine Oxley

Greg Lauren

Tena Saw

Rocky Mountain Hardware

KÚR by Kasuni Rathnasuriya

Fernando Laposse