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Carloway Mill

Carloway Mill



Discover Carloway Mill, on the Scottish Isle of Lewis, one of three remaining Harris Tweed mills left in the world. Weaving is not so much a job, but more a way of life that tends to be handed down from generation to generation. The recent story of the mill is that of a renaissance. Like much of the textile industry in Europe, the mill saw a sharp decline in business since the mid-1960s. Even though Harris Tweed is protected by a 1993 Act of Parliament, the mill was on the verge of closing down when Annie MacDonald, a woman from the Isle of Lewis where the mill is located, and an English businessman bought the mill and relaunched the business. The first change that Annie implemented was to make a lighter tweed, ideal for women’s ready-to-wear. The Carloway Mill is proud to employ a multi-talented workforce of around 30. The weaving is still done manually, fully respecting the rich protected heritage of Harris Tweed.

Thibault Vallotton © Michelangelo Foundation

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