Natasza Minasiewicz

Hong Kong

Natasza is a Polish researcher, designer and photographer of architecture based in Hong Kong.

‘Future Fossils’ seeks to capture the moment of discovery when pieces of concrete, old tiles or bricks emerge from among pebbles and shells as if they were artefacts of our built environment returning in a new form, amalgamating with nature.

The project highlights the global problem of construction waste, as well as building methods and materials that are neither reusable nor degradable. With some articles suspended in clear resin, viewers confront construction waste as it might be discovered by Antarctic expeditions years ahead, solidified in icebergs. Though a building is demolished as a sum, its parts live on, becoming Future Fossils.

Natasza Minasiewicz is a participant of DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade curated by Marisa Yiu.